The Fifth Circuit harmonized two insurance-policy provisions in Miller v. Reliance Std. Ins. Co.:

“[T]he phrase ‘active, full-time’ employees must be construed in the insured’s favor to include those who, on the relevant date, are current employees even if not actually working. We also agree that the term ‘regular work week’ must be construed to refer to an employee’s job description, or to his typical workload when on duty.


To hold otherwise, as Reliance urges, would render the second paragraph of the Transfer Provision virtually redundant with the first. On Reliance’s reading, the paragraph would cover employees who actually maintain a full-time work schedule at the time of transfer. But this is barely different, if at all, from the previous paragraph’s provision for employees who at the time are ‘Actively at Work,’ defined to mean ‘actually performing on a Full-time basis the material duties pertaining to his/her job'[.]


Effectively, Reliance’s reading is that the second paragraph covers employees who are not “actually performing” work duties but are ‘otherwise’ actually working. We reject this convoluted construction as the unambiguous meaning of the provision.”

No. 20-30240 (June 2, 2021) (emphasis in original, breaks added).

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