According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), so far in 2021, “At least 44 states and Puerto Rico introduced or considered more than 250 bills or resolutions that deal significantly with cybersecurity.” These bills include measures:

  • “Requiring government agencies to implement cybersecurity training, to set up and follow formal security policies, standards and practices, and to plan for and test how to respond to a security incident.”

  • “Regulating cybersecurity within the insurance industry or addressing cybersecurity insurance.”

  • “Creating task forces, councils or commissions to study or advise on cybersecurity issues.”

  • “Supporting programs or incentives for cybersecurity training and education.”

NCSL reports that the Texas legislature has introduced or considered 27 bills related to cybersecurity in the current legislative session. To date, three of these have been signed by the governor:

  • TX H.B. 1118: Relating to state agency and local government compliance with cybersecurity training requirements; signed by governor on 5/18/2021, effective immediately.

  • TX H.B. 3390: Relating to the purchase of cybersecurity insurance coverage by the Texas Department of Transportation; signed by governor on 5/24/2021, effective immediately.

  • TX S.B. 1367: Relating to the regulation of commercial property and casualty insurance and insurance for certain large risks; signed by governor 5/15/2021, effective 9/1/2021.

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