Capitalist ingenuity has provided Americans with a wide variety of ways to honor Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg through purchases, including jewelry, handcrafted baby mobiles, long johns, and even breath mints.

But if a bobblehead isn’t enough to capture your devotion, perhaps you will be the one lucky buyer who takes it to the next level by purchasing one of Justice Ginsburg’s old text books from her days as a 3L at Columbia Law.

The 1958 edition of “The French Legal System – An Introduction to Civil Law Systems” includes contemporaneous underlining and margin notes by student Ginsburg. It retains its original cover, and a nameplate stating the book comes “From the Library of Ruth & Martin Ginsburg.” Talk about provenance.

Heritage Auctions, arguably the major auction house for collectibles, will be offering the piece through Wednesday, May 19, and bidding online is enabled.