We are excited to announce the newly redesigned Arbitrate.com now offers a variety of on-demand arbitration courses, including four classes taught by Disputing blog’s own Professor Tracy McCormack and Karl Bayer!  In Arbitration Advocacy, Tracy and Karl provide viewers with an in-depth introduction to the practice of arbitration.  The program is designed to give arbitration advocates insight into the arbitration process from commencement to post-hearing.  Course topics include preparing for the pre-hearing conference, the arbitration hearing, creating a persuasive case, what happens after the hearing, and more.  Each Arbitration Advocacy class may be purchased individually or as a discounted full package.   The four courses total more than five hours of instruction.

Colin Rule, President and CEO of Arbitrate.com and Mediate.com, recently published an interview with Karl and Tracy about the Arbitration Advocacy course.  Colin writes:

There are a lot of good courses out there on how to be an arbitrator (for example, the great series of classes on Arbitrate University from Professor Ben Davis and Professor Amy Schmitz on how to conduct Online Arbitration, or OArb). But in chatting with Karl and Tracy I identified a gap in online offerings around how to effectively represent parties in arbitration proceedings.

You shouldn’t have to take an arbitration training in order to represent a party in an arbitration — and in fact, a lot of the tools and techniques arbitrators need to master go beyond what an effective counsel needs in order to be successful. Hence the value of this new course, entitled Arbitration Advocacy.

To learn more or register for Arbitration Advocacy, please visit Arbitrate University.

Photo by: Samantha Borges on Unsplash