Among other issues in Barcus v. Scharbauer, the Fifth Court affirmed the appellee’s testimony about the fair market value of certain artwork: “Appellants challenge the legal sufficiency of proof of commercially reasonableness of sales as proving market value and proving market value at a time over a year before the sales. … However, appellants do not dispute Mohle’s testimony that the sales were commercially reasonable or point to any evidence in the record that the sales were ‘out of the ordinary in some way.’ … A reasonable factfinder could decide Mohle’s testimony about the reasonably commercial sales conformed to the legal definition and theory of fair market value established by willing sellers and buyers under no compulsion.  A reasonable factfinder could credit Mohle’s testimony regarding the sufficient stability of the art market to conclude the sales in 2018 established fair market value a little more than a year earlier in 2016.”  No. 05-19-01121-CV (April 15, 2021) (mem. op.) (citations omitted). (My LPHS colleagues Eric Pinker and Paulette Miniter represented the successful appellee in this case.)

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