Beamers Private Club v. Jackson, a high-profile dram shop liability case involving former Dallas Cowboys, presented both a review of legal and factual sufficiency of the evidence supporting the jury’s verdict for the plaintiff. The factual-sufficiency challenge was based on the testimony of nightclub employees; the Fifth Court rejected it, observing: “At the time the servers and doorman gave their initial statements, which corresponded on the question of visible intoxication with their testimony at trial, they were employees of the club. And Brent himself testified that his teammates ‘had his back’ in the aftermath of the accident and Brown’s death. Despite these witnesses’ statements that they saw no signs that Brent was intoxicated, jurors could have reasonably concluded that their statements were subject to personal interest and were not credible. Jurors could have determined that Brent’s intoxication, as seen on the club’s video, was apparent to anyone present and watching.” No. 05-19-00698-CV (April 20, 2021) (mem. op.).

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