I’ve re-branded my podcast as Employment Law Problems.

On the second episode of Work Law Problems,  second episode of Employment Law Problems, I discuss one of my favorite workplace topics: Workplace Investigations.

Workplace investigations are one of the most critical steps to respond to any employment law or other workplace problem. Unfortunately, many companies are ill prepared to conduct an investigation or do so in a haphazard manner. In this episode, I review how companies can successfully conduct investigations in the workplace.

The first part of the episode covers what companies  should do before an investigation occurs including training managers, having a handbook, and having procedures in place for employees to raise complaints.

The second part of the episode concerns how to conduct an investigation including the biggest problems with investigations, how to interview witnesses, and how to gather evidence.

The third part of the episode reviews how to conclude an investigation including how to tell whether a witness is reliable and other factors that should be considered in making a determination.

For more information on this topic you can read my posts on workplace investigations (https://texaslaborlawblog.com/how-to-conduct-effective-workplace-investigations/ and https://texaslaborlawblog.com/remote-investigations-in-the-workplace/), which cover much of the content that was discussed in this episode.

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