Agrochemical giant Syngenta Group, based in Switzerland and Chinese-owned, has downplayed the dangers of paraquat for generations, leaving farm workers and others exposed to the chemical with mounting medical bills and a severely impacted quality of life.

Fears Nachawati Law Firm is fighting back. The firm recently filed the first federal lawsuits on behalf of two men diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after exposure to paraquat. Fears Nachawati has among the largest paraquat lawsuit caseloads in the nation.

What is paraquat?

First produced in the 1960s, paraquat is a toxic chemical used in various commercial herbicides. Due to its toxicity, the Environmental Protection Agency has classified it as “restricted use.” This means that, inside the United States, it can only be used by licensed applicators who receive specialized training. Despite being banned in over 30 countries, including China, where it’s produced, use of the chemical inside the United States has increased in recent years. Worldwide, it remains one of the most widely used herbicides.

Paraquat is most commonly sold under the name Gramoxone, but it is also sold under the names Firestorm, Helmquat 3SL, Blanco, Quick-Quat, Ortho-Paraquat, Para-SHOT, Bone Dry, Parazone, and many others. Those most at risk of paraquat exposure are those who work in agriculture, growing or otherwise handling crops, but also those who live and work near areas where the chemical has been applied.

Paraquat & Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that has no cure. Symptoms include trouble speaking, hand tremors, rigid muscles, and slowed movement. These symptoms may start gradually and increase over time. As researchers continued learning more about paraquat’s side effects, they discovered people exposed to paraquat are at increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease — up to 3.6 times as likely as those who had no exposure.

If this describes the situation you currently find yourself in, what should you do?

Why should you speak with a lawyer?

Simply put, Syngenta Group put profit over people. And when a company as large as Syngenta is willing to fight for its bottom line, you need someone who’s willing to fight for you. The attorneys at Fears Nachawati have helped recover millions of dollars in financial compensation for their clients.

Managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can lead to thousands of dollars in medical costs, affecting the livelihoods not only of those injured but their friends and family as well. When dealing with a degenerative illness, you and those around you deserve peace of mind so that you can focus entirely on your wellbeing. Let Fears Nachawati fight on your behalf to seek financial compensation for your injuries. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation. Our firm charges no upfront fees and you won’t pay unless we recover damages on your behalf.

More information on paraquat and symptoms of paraquat exposure can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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