Sit back, relax, and get frumpertable. Today is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day! In the age of COVID-19, when your kitchen table is your home office, and your webcam is your window to the world, showing up to work in your favorite jammies doesn’t feel very novel. Typically, however, April 16th is a day for getting comfy. One day after our (traditional) federal tax filing deadline, a little comfort is what we all need.

Created by an online pajama retailer, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day has not been widely adopted, but, at this topsy-turvy moment in history, every day is an excuse to celebrate, and many of us do! As a result, workplace culture and the norms surrounding appropriate office attire are evolving. Other social forces are shaping traditional dress codes as well, including changes in gender norms and perception, greater sensitivity to the needs of people who are disabled, and greater awareness of and respect for religious practices and other cultural norms.

Decorum and dress codes serve a purpose — in the courthouse, the schoolhouse, the People’s House, and perhaps even in your house. Today, we grant you permission to trade your Zoom shirt for your PJs and to join us on a journey to explore dress codes and the law by visiting the links below.