With the 2021 hurricane season quickly approaching, many commercial property owners along the coast are anxious for what’s to come this year. Last year’s hurricane season was one of the most active and most costly Atlantic hurricane seasons to date. According to the recently released 2021 hurricane season forecast, this year may be no different.

This Year’s Hurricane Forecast

While there is still some time for preparation before this year’s hurricane season begins on June 1, many in coastal cities have wondered if this year will be as active as last year. Following the release of AccuWeather’s 2021 hurricane season forecast, it appears the same level of activity is likely to occur.

The forecast already has experts urging residents in coastal, hurricane-prone areas to make preparations early. While it still may be another heavily active year for tropical storms and hurricanes, forecasters have predicted it should be less hectic than last year’s hurricane season, which included several intense storms back-to-back.

For reference, last year’s Atlantic hurricane season produced 30 named storms (the most on record), with 12 direct land strikes. A normal season typically has up to 14 storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes.

This year, AccuWeather’s team of tropical weather experts examined current weather patterns and studied long-range climate models to make a determination about what could happen during the late summer and early fall. They estimate this Atlantic hurricane season will result in 16 to 20 named storms – including 7 to 10 hurricanes. Of those projected to reach hurricane strength, 3 to 5 are estimated to become major hurricanes of Category 3 strength or higher, with maximum sustained winds of 111 mph. Furthermore, 3 to 5 storms are predicted to directly impact the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What Commercial Property Owners Should Anticipate

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause massive damage to coastal communities. Business owners in particular must take the threat of the upcoming hurricane season seriously. This year’s forecast is daunting for business owners, as the COVID-19 pandemic and severe weather events, such as Winter Storm Uri and multiple tornadoes, have caused many complications for businesses and property owners.

Last year’s hurricane season resulted in $60 to $65 billion in economic damage alone. With the number of projected storms predicted for 2021, researchers believe it’s time to put new hurricane plans in place. Even if a business developed a hurricane plan in previous years, it should be reviewed and updated before this year’s hurricane season begins.

The COVID-19 virus should continue to be an additional component and consideration in creating these plans because hurricane evacuation centers and recovery procedures could operate differently. Those who may consider evacuating in the event of a hurricane or major storm should check in with local emergency management and government officials for any COVID-related changes.

Businesses should have a robust and adaptable continuity plan in place should the worst happen. With COVID-19, many workforces have since shifted to remote working environments, necessitating an overhaul of previous hurricane plans. With more employees working remotely, business owners should consider entirely new sets of risks, such as, including solutions for potential location-based power and Internet outages.

Texas Hurricane Property Damage Attorneys

Hurricane season can quickly become costly for Texas business owners should their property be damaged. Unfortunately, even if adequate commercial hurricane insurance coverage is in place, insurance companies may attempt to avoid paying out expensive claims. Insurers might use biased adjusters to investigate claims or make false representations about policy coverage to wrongfully deny valid claims. At Raizner Law, we understand the bad faith tactics insurance companies utilize to take advantage of their policyholders. Contact our office today to see how we can help.

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