Darkreading.com reported that “Conspicuously missing from the panel was Amazon Web Services (AWS), which declined the Senate’s invitation to testify — a snub that appeared to rile several senators on the committee. Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., pointed out that the attack was waged inside the US, and some secondary command-and-control nodes were hosted on AWS’s infrastructure.”  The February 23, 2021 article entitled “SolarWinds Attackers Lurked for ‘Several Months’ in FireEye’s Network” included these comments:

Top execs from FireEye, SolarWinds, Microsoft, and CrowdStrike testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee today on the aftermath – and ongoing investigations – into the epic attacks.

The attackers who infiltrated SolarWinds Orion’s software build and updates had spent “several months” embedded in FireEye’s network before the security firm spotted them, Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye, told a congressional committee today.

“The attacker wasn’t alive every single day” on our network, Mandia told the US Senate Intelligence Committee in response to a question about the attack time frame on FireEye’s network.

“They were on our systems for three hours on one day, a week would go by, and a couple of hours another day. We weren’t a full-time job for [them] … because they had broken into another 60-plus, if not 100, organizations.

There were several days of activity before we detected them.”

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