Recent orders set these matters for en banc reconsideration:

US v. Dubin, in which the panel held: “An issue of first impression for our court is whether David Dubin’s fraudulently billing Medicaid for services not rendered constitutes an illegal ‘use’ of ‘a means of identification of another person’, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1028A.”

Daves v. Dallas County, an Ex Parte Young case in which the panel held: “With one exception, we agree with the district court that the Plaintiffs have standing. This suit was properly allowed to proceed against most of the judges and the County. As for the Criminal District Court Judges, though, we hold that they are not proper defendants because the Plaintiffs lack standing as to them and cannot overcome sovereign immunity. We also disagree with the district court and hold that the Sheriff can be enjoined to prevent that official’s enforcement of measures violative of federal law.”

Hewitt v. Helix Energy Solutions Group, a 2-1 decision involving “a legal question common to all executive, administrative, and professional employees—and to the modestly and highly compensated alike: whether a worker is paid ‘on a salary basis’ under” the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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