Today, March 29, 2021, is a school “holiday and day of community service for students and staff of the Houston Independent School District [HISD], the largest school district in Texas,” in honor of “César Chávez and Dolores Huerta, two labor activists who helped win greater rights for farmworkers across the country.” In 1962, Chávez and Huerta co-founded “what became the United Farm Workers of America union” to organize farmworkers to protest low pay while working in brutal conditions.  

HISD “trustees approved the establishment of a districtwide holiday in June 2018, to begin in 2020.” The school district celebrates this holiday “on the Monday that falls on or precedes March 31.” To honor their legacies this year, HISD held “the first-ever Chávez-Huerta Student Symposium on March 27.” According to HISD, the theme of the event was “The Power of Your Voice,” and the student-led symposium aimed “to examine the activists’ lasting impact on educational, economical, and societal issues.” HISD also posted a short video on YouTube about César Chávez and Dolores Huerta Day.

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