Marijuana is (sort of) legal in Austin, Texas—wait, what? Due to a loophole in federal law, consumers are purchasing cannabis products that contain THC even in states such as Texas where marijuana is still illegal. The compound is called Delta-8-THC, which is sprayed on cannabis flowers that have had the illegal Delta-9-THC compound removed through chemical extraction. Though less potent, Delta-8-THC can still get you high. In the latest episode of The Budding Report, Chris Perri along with the other co-hosts explore the legal gray area of marketing Delta-8-THC products and unpack the current scientific research on this popular new cannabis product, which, yes, at present, is sold legally in Travis County. However, it is uncertain what the criminal justice implications would be should you get caught with Delta-8-THC cannabis, so use at your own risk. 

During the episode, Chris Perri and the other hosts also interview two guests, cannabis chef, Amanda Jackson, and Shayda Torabi, the owner of the Austin-based CBD store, Restart CBD. 

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