COVID = Skyrocketing Divorce Filings

It turns out that COVID is causing the death of many marriages.   Many strained marital relationships fail to improve when partners lack “space”.   “Space” meaning time away from one another to gain perspective.   Also, COVID has prevented many mental health care professionals to be hard to contact.  Couples barely functioning now hit a major crisis.

The number of people looking for divorces was 34 percent higher from March through June of 2020 as compared to 2019, according to new data collected Legal Templates, a company that provides legal documents.  The lockdown has exposed issues that run deeper and offered ample time for reflection, leaving couples to wonder about their options for pursuing separation during the pandemic.  Couples married less than 5 years are most at risk.  Texas law does not recognize the “separation” status of couples.  You are married until a Judge in a Court of Law declares you divorce.  However, you might consider a Post-marital agreement that would partition assets and set terms and conditions that provide clear boundaries.

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