Clinton Broden, a partner in the law firm of Broden & Mickelsen, LLP and defense attorney for Garret Miller, releases the following statement on behalf of Mr. Miller:

First, let me say that I was in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, because I believed I was following the instructions of former President Trump and he was my president and the commander-in-chief.  His statements also had me believing the election was stolen from him.  Nevertheless, I fully recognize Joe Biden is now the President of the United States and that the election is over.  Donald Trump is no longer president and I would not have any reason to continue to follow his lead.

Second, while I never intended to harm Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez nor harm any members of the Capitol police force, I recognize that my social media posts were completely inappropriate.  They were made at a time when Donald Trump had me believing that an American election was stolen.  I want to publicly apologize to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and the Capitol police officers.  I have always supported law enforcement and I am ashamed by my comments.

Third, while it does not excuse my actions on January 6, I want to reiterate that I was not armed when I entered the Capitol and that I stayed in the Capitol’s rotunda.  I also left Washington and started back to Texas immediately after President Trump asked us to go home.

Until very recently, I really had never been very interested in nor involved with politics.  Nevertheless, what Donald Trump had been saying about the election really got to me and I felt I had to support him. Still, I recognize that I am solely responsible for my actions and that there are no excuses for what I did.

I come from a good and supportive family.  My parents and brothers do not deserve the pain I have caused them.  I accept full responsibility for my actions and I am prepared to testify at any trial or Congressional proceeding.



Clinton Broden

Broden & Mickelsen, LLP