We’re thrilled to share that our firm has helped another client overturn a wrongful criminal judgement through a process called a writ of habeas corpus. Our client was arrested for a felony charge in Texas and sentenced to deferred adjudication, which is very similar to a conviction. This crime on his record was impeding his ability to advance in his career. Chris Perri proved the client’s guilty plea was unfair due to ineffective assistance of counsel. Now, the client will have the wrongful deferred adjudication result reversed, as well as the dismissal of the original charge. 

Thanks to Chris Perri, the client’s name will now be cleared, and the client can freely pursue his professional dreams. 

If you or someone you know has been wrongfully convicted of a crime or wrongfully sentenced to a deferred adjudication in Texas, we’re here to help. Contact Chris Perri Law at (512) 269-0260 or visit www.chrisperrilaw.com to schedule your free case consultation today.