To highlight some of the posts that stand out from the crowd, the editors of Texas Bar Today have created a list from the week’s blog posts of the top ten based on subject matter, writing style, headline, and imagery. We hope you enjoy this installment!

10. When Can You Cut Down Your Neighbor’s Messy, Root-Invasive Tree? – Cleve Clinton of Gray Reed & McGraw @GrayReedLaw in Dallas

9. Jury Whacks Walmart with $5.2 Million Verdict In Favor of Disabled WorkerChristopher McKinney @CJMcKinney of The Mckinney Law Firm, P.C.

8. $10 Million Lawsuit Against Abandoned Texas Theme Park Veiled in ControversyCris Feldman of Feldman & Feldman, PC. in Houston

7. Are Pets Covered in a Car Accident? – It Depends! – Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C. @herrmanlawfirm in Corpus Christi

6. Does Filing a Notice of Appeal Take Away the Trial Court’s Jurisdiction?D. Todd Smith of Smith Law Group LLLP @dtoddsmith in Austin

5. Voice-To-Texting With ClientsMurray Newman of The Law Office of Murray Newman @murraynewman in Houston

4. Tricks Not Treats: Good Faith Promises to Perform Don’t Hold Up in Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements Under Texas Law Ladd Hirsch of Winstead @WinsteadPC in Dallas

3. M&A Finders Fee Not Deductible for Acquirer – Kreig D. Mitchell of Kreig Mitchell LLC @irs_tax_trouble in Houston

2. Brands Seek Recognition Through Commercials Within TV Shows, Video Games – Peggy Keene of Klemchuk LLP @K_LLP in Dallas

1. Texas Court Includes Father’s Personal Injury Annuity in Resources When Calculating Child Support –  of McClure Law Group @McClureLaw in Dallas