To highlight some of the posts that stand out from the crowd, the editors of Texas Bar Today have created a list from the week’s blog posts of the top ten based on subject matter, writing style, headline, and imagery. We hope you enjoy this installment.

10. Is “herein” ambiguous?Wayne Schiess, Senior Lecturer, The University of Texas School of Law @UTexasLaw in Austin

9. 3 Things You Need to Know About Land TitlesManfred Sternberg of Manfred Sternberg & Associates PC @SternbergLaw in Houston

8. Two Supreme Court Cases Protect the Right to Privacy During an ArrestBroden & Mickelsen, LLP @BrodenLaw in Dallas

7. Overcoming a Premarital Agreement: Opinions, June 7, 2018Matthew A. Knox of Laura Dale & Associates, P.C. @DaleFamilyLaw in Houston

6. Understanding the Problem that Comes with the Solution – Greg Lambert @glambert of Jackson Walker L.L.P. in Houston

5. Sensory Marks: Hasbro Trademarks Signature Play-Doh Scent – Peggy Keene of Klemchuk LLP @K_LLP in Dallas

4. The Plain-Language NDAZach Wolfe @zachwolfelaw of Fleckman & McGlynn, PLLC in The Woodlands

3. Pet-Friendly Workplaces – Asking Fur Trouble or a Pawsitive Purrfessional Trend?Alyson Brown of Clouse Brown PLLC @ClouseBrownLaw in Dallas

2. Supreme Court Decides Three Narrow Bankruptcy IssuesSteve Sather of Barron & Newburger, P.C. in Austin

1. Squarely Decided: The Fifth Circuit Sides with Spongebob – Katharyn Zagorin of Haynes and Boone LLP @haynesboone in Dallas