Unfortunately, helicopters crash far too often. Many reasons are unknown until an official investigation is completed.

Passengers involved in a deadly helicopter accident that occurred last week over Lake Wallace have been identified as a Center, Texas couple. The aircraft was reportedly headed for Center, Texas when it ended up in the south side of Wallace Lake in DeSoto Parish in Louisiana.

The husband was also the pilot of their privately owned helicopter, and the couple was apparently out for a routine flight. According to sources, they wanted to take a trip out to a nice dinner on Valentine’s day.

The wreckage was discovered Wednesday, February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. The aircraft was a Bell B429 Helicopter and the cause of the fatal crash is still unknown. The National Transportation Safety Board is responsible for investigating what lead to the accident.

Types Helicopter Safety Reports

It is the job of The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to find out what happened in situations like this one. They analyze what happened and why, while coming up with an in depth final report.

Their final reports usually include things like:

  • The probable cause
  • Findings
  • The type of aircraft
  • Any personnel issues
  • A history of the landings
  • Pilot information including certificate, rating and other relevant information
  • Aircraft information including manufacturer,  registration,  model, year it was manufactured, inspections it has had, engine information and anything else deemed relevant
  • Meteorological information
  • Flight plan
  • Wreckage and impact information
  • Administrative information

With these final reports, the transportation industry hopes to make helicopter flights safer.

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