Getting in an accident with a semi-truck can not only result in major injuries, but can also be pain to deal with. If you’ve been in a collision with a commercial vehicle, not only do you have to deal with the driver, but you have to deal with the company of the driver as well. This can make proving the driver was at fault difficult. This article will discuss the best way to prove that the semi truck driver was at fault, ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve after an accident.

Texas Laws For Semi Truck Drivers

The first step to take is to see if the commercial truck driver was abiding by the law. If they were not, then the accident was their fault. Below are the laws for semi truck drivers regulated by the state of Texas:

  • Semi-truck drivers but be 21-years-old to operate the truck or receive a commercial license.
  • They must load cargo safely and in a way that it will not cause harm to other drivers on the road or fall out onto the road.
  • They must run periodic inspections on their vehicles as to not malfunction and cause an accident.
  • Semi-truck drivers are not allowed to drive when they are sick because it may delay their reactions or impair judgment.
  • They must drive appropriately and with caution in hazardous conditions.
  • They must follow specific safety rules when driving near or across railroad tracks.
  • They may not use a cellphone or any handheld device while operating a semi-truck.
  • They cannot drive while they are tired or fatigued as this could be just as bad as driving under the influence.
  • Semi-truck drivers must follow all other traffic laws issued by the state and federal government. 

What To Do After A Semi Truck Accident

Following the below steps after an accident can also help you ensure you gather all the information you need to prove you weren’t at fault:

Report the accident

After the accident, call 9-1-1 to report the accident so they can send police officers and ambulances if needed right away. Also make sure to report the accident to your insurance company.

Seek medical attention

Your health is the most important thing following an accident. If you are injured and get medical treatment, make sure to keep record of all of your medical bills so you can use them as documentation for your insurance and you can be properly compensated. 

Speak to the police

When police arrive on the scene they will ask you questions to get your side of the story for the police report. You will need this report to give to your insurance company. The report can have a major influence on how your case turns out. Make sure to answer all of the questions honestly, but don’t say anything that could potentially point the blame towards you.

Document as much as possible

When pursuing an accident claim it is important to have as much documentation as possible. Take photos of the placement of the vehicles and of the damages to your car. These will be helpful if a judge has to determine whose fault it is. You should also get the license plate numbers and vehicle identifications numbers of the truck or vehicles involved, as well as contact and insurance information of those involved.

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