TexasBarTodayTopTenBadgeJune2016To highlight some of the posts that stand out from the crowd, the editors of Texas Bar Today have created a list from the week’s blog posts of the top ten based on subject matter, writing style, headline, and imagery. We hope you enjoy this installment.

10. Non-Compete and Confidentiality Issues to Watch in 2017Leiza Dolghih @TexasNonCompete of Godwin Lewis PC in Dallas

9. Can Stepparent Spouse Be Held Liable for Other Spouse’s Child Support Obligation? of Pierre-Louis & Associates, PLLC @ChildSupportEsq in Houston

8. Courage to Choose: Last Moment Course Selections – Scott Johns of the Law School Academic Support Blog

7. Are Texas Juries being kept in the Dark about Insurance?Hutchison & Stoy @Hutchison_Stoy in Fort Worth

6. The Best Movies I Saw in 2016 – Gregory Lensing of Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas

5. More on iPads and Appellate ArgumentsD. Todd Smith of Smith Law Group LLLP @dtoddsmith in Austin

4. Nothing Like A Hair Stylist Non-Compete CaseRob Radcliff @robradcliff of Weinstein Radcliff LLP in Dallas

3. The Internet of Things: New Questions about ContractsAaron Davidson of Klemchuk LLP @K_LLP in Dallas

2. “attorneys, who are married to each other, . . .” Restrictive and nonrestrictive clausesWayne Schiess, Director of the David J. Beck Center for Legal Research, Writing, and Appellate Advocacy at the University of Texas School of Law @UTexasLaw in Austin

1. A New Year in Website Design: Trends for 2017Stacey E. Burke of Stacey E. Burke P.C. @StaceyEBurke in Houston