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Pete Fierro: Pro Bono Retreat

Posted in Texas Bar Features

Pete FierroPete Fierro, Equal Justice Volunteer Program coordinator with Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, talks about his experience at the 2013 State Bar of Texas Pro Bono Retreat. The two-day event provides valuable training on increasing the quantity and quality of legal services available to the poor through pro bono efforts.

“I’m most appreciative for this experience,” Fierro said, “I can get have a better understanding of our clients and help alleviate some of the stress that they have.”

  • WOrkingTaxpayer

    Equal Justice: what does one do when a judge refuses a Non Disclosure iin a case dating back to 1998 having been released by ORDER from probation by a former judge with all requirements met. Now the current Judge…attempts to extort monies never owed..along with threats! He knows very well what the law is… The secret Judicial Commission apparently is where the same judge has a little buddy because other individuals present emailed the same: one being an auditor of the UN…as a witness there just to search documents of family heritage which I have learned–but the Judicial society well, they just simply do not acknowledge any correspondence and lie as I am told when the auditor and other witnesses contact the JC.

  • Olivia Vasquez

    It was a good learning 2 days ever.